November 19, 2021, Business Economics Mastery of Philippines’ San Guillermo Persuade Investors


July 25, 2021, Paris News Hofilena Blurs the Line between Modern and Renaissance. (San Guillermo mentioned)

July 20, 2021, US NEWS  Boracay Wallet is Seen as Future of the Famous Island (San Guillermo mentioned)

July 19, 2021, Philippine Examiner  Laoag City Campaigns for San Guillermo 2023

July 18, 2021, Europe News  Fenris Ventures in Philippines (San Guillermo mentioned)


June 18, 2021, Philippine Examiner  -  Laoag City's St. Williams Cathedral Pioneered in UV Sanitation Gate

June 18, 2021, Catholic News  -  Philippine Cathedral Sets Example for Introducing UV Sanitation Gate

June 13, 2021, Europe NEWS  -  Philippine Cathedral Opens Its Gate with UV Sanitation Portal


May 16, 2021, US NEWS  -  Philippines’ Dantru Post Pandemic Projects Impresses Savvy American Businessmen

May 15, 2021, US NEWS  -  Iconic Buildings to Rise Next to Historic Cathedral in Laoag City, Philippines

May 15, 2021, Philippine Examiner -  Dantru's Post Pandemic Projects Impresses Savvy American Businessmen

April 10, 2021, Catholic News  -  Philippines’ Dantru Presents Project next to a Landmark and Iconic Cathedral

April 5, 2021, US NEWS  -  Philippines Plans of Shopping Mall Surge in Preparation for Post Pandemic.

April 5 2021, Prague Examiner  -  Plans for Philippines Shopping Mall Surge in Preparation for Post Pandemic.

April 2, 2021, Philippine Examiner  Koreans Eyes on Philippines Shopping Mall Success Formula

March 5, 2021, Paris News  -  Philippines' Dantru Development Corporation Presents its Roosters of Directors

March 5, 2021, Paris News  -  Philippines Holds Historic Ground-Breaking

March 5, 2021, Catholic News  -  Philippines Dantru Holds Historic Ground-Breaking for Cathedral in Laoag City

March 5, 2021, US NEWS  -  Philippines Holds Historic Ground-Breaking

March 5, 2021, Prague Examiner  -  Dantru to Rise More High Buildings in the Philippines.

March 5, 2021, Prague Examiner  -  Philippines San Guillermo Complex Historic Ground-Breaking

March 2, 2021, Philippine Examiner -  Laoag City Holds Historic Ground-Breaking

February 15, 2021, Catholic News  Rise of  Iconic Buildings next to Historic Cathedral in the Philippines 

February 14, 2021, Manila Bulletin -   Laoag Diocese backs gov’t plan to boost heritage tourism

February 12, 2021, Philippine News Agency  -  Laoag Diocese backs gov’t plan to boost heritage tourism 


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